martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

BiRthdaY maSSacRe

Como crecio esta banda....
Lastima que lo ultimo no me guste tanto, pff.

Tomar el té, frances, musica, y comprar ropa... Lindo dia* 

Play Dead:
And boys are so cold they speek without meaning.
The only time they talk is in their sleep.
And girls are a bore.
They touch without feeling.
Their secrets always far too grim to keep.
And up until now you've lived in their shadows trying hard to please them.
But they'll never change as long as they're breathing.
Thinking hurts and thoughts dont rhyme.
To those of us who've never tried to find a face behind our lipstick smiles.
And as our pretty faces die our broken hearts will wonder why the makeup just won't dine the scars of time.
And boys are so cruel so dont let them find you tonight.
And girls are so vain so put them behind you tonight.
I'll cast you a spell a magic where everyone plays dead forever.
And after tonight they'll never remind you.


1 comentario:

  1. hola!
    es muy buena banda TBM,
    me gustan los dos discos que he oído pero lo ultimo todavía no escuche,ahora lo buscare. =D
    Que tengas tu día lindo =D compare algo lindo =D


    P.D:Feliz día de la mujer.